Child Health and Development…In the News

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This Emotional Life

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Early Experience Found Critical for Language Development

ScienceDaily (June 17, 2011) — We know that poor social and physical environments can harm young children’s cognitive and behavioral development, and that development often improves in better environments. Now a new study of children living in institutions has found that intervening early can help young children develop language… READ MORE


Preschoolers’ Language Development Is Partly Tied To Their Classmates’ Language Skills

ScienceDaily (May 18, 2009) — Young children learn how to speak and understand language from the words parents speak at home and teachers speak in preschool. A new longitudinal study has found that their preschool classmates also play a part…READ MORE

Home Learning Experiences Boost Low-Income Kids’ School Readiness

ScienceDaily (June 17, 2011) — Home learning experiences that are consistently supportive in the early years may boost low-income children’s readiness for school. READ MORE

Prolonged Breastfeeding May Be Linked to Fewer Behavior Problems

ScienceDaily (May 11, 2011) — Breastfeeding for four months or more is associated with fewer behavioural problems in children at age 5, an Oxford University study suggests.READ MORE

Growth, Hormonal Profiles Differ Between Breastfed, Formula-Fed Infants: Early Nutrition Has a Long-Term Metabolic Impact

ScienceDaily (May 2, 2011) — Nutrition during the first days or weeks of life may have long-term consequences on health, potentially via a phenomenon known as the metabolic programming effect READ MORE

Identifying Toddlers at Risk for Autism

ScienceDaily (June 5, 2011) — Parents and health care providers can’t always tell whether toddlers display signs of autism syndrome disorder (ASD), but new research from the University of Utah shows that a significant portion of at-risk children between 14-24 months can be identified through systematic screening by autism experts and providers working together…READ MORE

Parent Like a Cave Man??

New research suggests that our early hunter-gatherer ancestors raised happier, more compassionate kids—thanks to natural birth, extended breastfeeding, and co-sleeping. Should modern parents follow suit? READ MORE


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