Environmental Health for Young Children–Integrated Pest Management

I have been doing some consulting with UCSF Child Care Health on a research project related to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Family Child Care Homes. Please contact UCSF Child Care Health or me for more information.

Here are some State and National Resources on this topic

UCSF Childcare Health Integrated Pest Management Curriculum

IPM in Family Child Care Homes (English & Spanish)–Handouts

All UCSF Curricula in English and Spanish

IPM in Child Care Presentation Handout in English with updates 3.4.2013

NEW**  Integrated Pest Management Intervention in Child Care Centers Improves Knowledge, Pest Control, and Practices–alkon_jphc_ipm-in-centers_2016

Development and Evaluation of an Integrated Pest Management Toolkit for Child Care Providers–From Early Childhood Research & Practice

EPA Healthy Child Care

Green Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting– A Tool Kit for Early Care and Education

Link to cerch.org Complete Site

BEYOND PESTICIDES –Pesticide-Induced Diseases: Learning / Developmental Disorders:  “Roughly one in six children in the U.S. has one or more developmental disabilities, ranging from a learning disability to a serious behavioral or emotional disorder. Scientists believe that the amount of toxic chemicals in the environment that cause developmental and neurological damage are contributing to the rise of physical and mental effects being found in children. Studies show children’s developing organs create “early windows of great vulnerability” during which exposure to pesticides can cause great damage. In the U.S., requirements for testing pesticides and other chemicals for potential developmental and learning disorders are minimal.” For a few of these see ARTICLES (below)

CA Dept. of Pesticide Management–Child Care IPM

IPM in Child Care Video Series

CEHN–Eco-Friendly Child Care

Go Green Rating Scale for Early Childhood Settings

ARTICLES Relating Autism and other Developmental Disorders to Pesticide Exposure:

Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Prenatal Residential Proximity to Agricultural Pesticides: The CHARGE Study

Autism risk higher near pesticide-treated fields, study says

Autism increase not caused only by shifts in diagnoses; environmental factors likely, n California study says

I will continue to use this page to share information and resources related to environmental health and “greening” your child care. Stay tuned…

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