Reflecting on Routines– Building New Dreams in Natural Environments

Thank you for those who attended my presentation at the 2nd California Inclusion Collaborative State Conference. Being televised was a new experience for me. Here is my updated version.

Reflecting on RoutinesUPDATED 

I hope you find the links to the resources helpful . They have inspired my journey in working with families, and building opportunities to reflect on our important work. I hope creating your own “vision” was helpful to you, and supports your “action plan” as we build a more inclusive world. My vision is to create BELONGING, THROUGH INSPIRING HOPE, HEALTH AND GROWTH FOR FAMILIES AND THE PROFESSIONALS THAT SERVE THEM.

I mentioned the FOUR AGREEMENTS/LOS CUATRO ACUERDOS as one of my guides.

I would also like this opportunity to share a few other short videos (click on the images to watch), that highlight the value of our work, and will hopefully shape our nation’s policy in regards to family and early childhood. The first is “Brain Power”:

The 2nd is For Our Babies “The Social Womb”:

The last but not least is Raising of America


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